Award-Winning In-House Creative Executive

Darren Ryan is an in-house creative leader focused on developing teams of highly-engaged creatives, building agency-caliber services & delivering top-tier creative work while ensuring operational excellence & financial integrity.

In a recent role, director of creative services, Darren has rebuilt and rebranded The Coca-Cola Company’s extensive in-house creative agency. His vision led the in-house team’s transition from a small and limited team to a very successful, high-volume and well respected in-house agency equivalent to the size of a large external creative agency.

Darren has creatively merged savvy strategy, effective marketing, innovative design and vision to create successful marketing solutions and campaigns for brands from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. His skills and expertise are flexible and adaptable to most industries and brands however, the bulk of his experience is within retail, CPG and media.  

In his past in-house roles, Darren has been focused on delivering effective, agency-quality design and strategic creative solutions. His experience as an accomplished solutions-oriented leader is extensive and diverse in many areas including digital creative services, interactive, creative strategy, marketing and more.   

He possesses a broad range of expertise in creative management, traditional and interactive design services (both in-house and agency), social media, virtual/augmented 

Darren Ryan - Executive Creative Services Director

reality (VR/AR),  photography, brand development, in-store/pop marketing, interactive marketing, online services and marketing, search optimization/marketing, digital media, retail strategy, corporate messaging, new technologies, visual merchandising, new product/services development, creative strategy and more within corporate and start-up businesses. 

Throughout his career, Darren has earned several awards and honors for his leadership and creative excellence including various internal awards (e.g., President’s Award, etc.), creative awards (e.g., Telly Awards, etc.) and public awards (e.g., being named one of Atlanta’s 40-under-40, etc.). 

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Crystal Lauderdale, Associate VP, Dev

"There are a lot of creative people in this world, but it's rare to find someone with the breadth of skills and experience Darren brings to the table. From design to storytelling to immersive experiences, Darren brings brands and their messaging to life in ways that stand out among the rest. He's done this for small firms as well as some of the biggest brands on the planet. On top of that creative ability,  he's one of the kindest teammates and best collaborators I've known. In a room full of passionate voices, he helps to ensure each one feels welcome and heard. He's a great asset to any organization or cause..."  READ MORE

Janel Gancena, Art Director

 "I've had a lot of mentors in my career, but if I had to choose one that made the biggest impact on me as a creative and as a person, it would be Darren. Darren is the definition of a true leader—he has integrity, honesty, humility and a clear vision. It was always clear to me that he took so much pride in the accomplishments of those around him. He is someone who wants to help his team reach their goals.  As my creative director,  , Darren pushed me to focus on my craft, paying attention to the tiniest of details—which has made the biggest difference for me. His ability to empathize and understand is a gift I always wholly appreciated..."  

Amanda Baird, Copywriter & Prod. Lead

 "I credit {Darren} with shaping me into the creative I am today. He brings unparalleled industry experience, and it shows in everything he does. He doesn’t hesitate to ...bring a thoughtful, detail-oriented perspective to every project, regardless of size or scope. He is constantly thinking about how an end user will receive an intended message and brings that mindset to every aspect of a project, from big picture brainstorming to final polishing of content, design, and interactivity. As a manager, Darren is highly emotionally intelligent,  and I’ve never had a manager who was so uniquely able to rally a team, and sense when..."  READ MORE