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Driven from the core.
My core values remain as they have always been: Stay strong, work harder, produce the best quality possible, be honest and strive for the highest level of integrity in everything I do. My faith allows me to find humor and learning's in my darkest moments and humility and appreciation in my brightest. These basic values are at the core of my every project, activity and action.

My approach to life, work and the pursuit of happiness.
Work harder, always bring innovative ideas and design to the table, know that there IS a solution to every problem, to always reach higher than anyone expects, continually raise the bar on each success, approach every day aspiring to inspire and give back to my community through my skills and abilities.

I take great pride in every bit of my work and my community as well as how I represent my company's and my client's brands every day. Click here for a 360° view of how my direct reports, peers and supervisors view my design abilities, management skills and work ethic.

My community is my cause.
I believe that a strong community creates a solid foundation for success and even the smallest efforts makes a positive impact on the world around you. I take great pride in my community efforts as they range from presiding over local neighborhood associations to community planning to using my skills to further nonprofits in need. For the past several years I have averaged 8 personal hours per week towards building, bettering and learning from the community around me.

My latest volunteer efforts include preparations for launching Design Cares Atlanta in early 2010. Design Cares Atlanta is a nonprofit that I have created to mobilize the vast areas and disciplines of the design industry into impactful, local volunteer efforts.